Jun 02

Dualboot Vista and XP With Vista Installed

I already had Vista installed, but got fed up with it’s crappiness. I couldn’t take the annoyances of not being able to get work done and it just ran slow as hell on a Dell 755. So I installed Windows XP on a 2nd partition I created. After doing so I realized I could no longer boot to Vista, but the Vista partition was still recognized and usable. What to do?

Well for awhile it didn’t bother me too much, but now I want to see what files I have under Vista, what programs are installed, and I want to clean things up. A simple search on the web found me this site with directions for dual booting Vista and XP when Vista is already installed.

So I followed them and got to the point where Vista Bootloader is re-enabled. This causes a problem for me and my setup. I would attempt to login and Vista would tell it has lost the trust between the workstation and Domain.

So after a little more searching I come across this site in which a user recommends to unplug the network cable while attempting to login. This worked, I just had to use an older password that was cached for my domain account. Once in I immediately created a local admin account just in case this happens again! I also removed the machine from our Active Directory (AD) Domain.

I then restarted, logged in again and rejoined to the domain. Once rebooted again I continued on with the directions and installed EasyBCD. One little oddity there, EasyBCD would not let me choose the XP partition, it just kept it with the C: drive even though XP is on the E: drive. This seemed odd as Vista is the C: drive. But I didn’t bother and just left it.

Now I can’t login to XP with an AD account. I am working on correcting this and will post an update when I get there.

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